Why Amitabh Bachchan loves Unboxing?

Unboxing is a phenomenon where a person takes a consumer product out of its box or original packaging while filming the process. That person then uploads the video to the Web for others to view.

amitabh bachchan loves unboxing

Amitabh Bachchan loves Unboxing.

In some senses, the phenomena of unboxing started with technology. It makes a certain amount of sense to film the unboxing of a new smart phone or video game console, because others can see, for example, how the product is packaged, what types of cords and cables come with it, and what the console or device itself looks like.

Amitabh Bachchan Ji Unboxing OnePlus 6!!!!!

OnePlus 6 is all set for its global launch on May 16 and is arriving in India on May 17. But just days ahead of its formal debut, the next-generation OnePlus smartphone has now been spotted in Black and White colour options. The latest revelation notably emerges from none other than Amitabh Bachchan, the Bollywood star who is the brand ambassador of OnePlus in India. The star tweeted a couple of images featuring himself and OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in which the OnePlus 6 colour options are clearly visible. Incidentally, the tweet featuring the images in question was removed. OnePlus separately posted a short video on its social channels that doesn’t show the OnePlus 6 but highlights the slow-motion capabilities of its camera that could power a Super Slo Mo camera feature.

The cached version of the tweet that Bachchan originally posted on Monday shows the back of the OnePlus 6 in two distinct images. The images posted by the 75-year-old actor feature him holding a Black colour OnePlus 6, while one of the two images show the OnePlus CEO with a White colour variant. The actor later removed the tweet in question and tweeted a fresh selfie with the OnePlus executive that doesn’t showcase the flagship handset.

Notably, the design of the OnePlus 6 sported in the tweeted images looks identical to what has so far been leaked in the form of renders. The images also show the vertically-placed rear camera setup at the centre of the phone, and a module below the sensor that appears to be the home of a rear-facing fingerprint sensor. Moreover, it seems that the White colour OnePlus 6 has a smooth matte finish, though its Black variant has a glossy back.

In addition to the images accidentally posted by the OnePlus brand ambassador, the video posted by OnePlus through its official accounts on Facebook and Twitter teased its Super Slo Mo camera feature. This is already expected to offer video recording on the OnePlus 6 at an as high frame rate as 960fps. The handset is confirmed to have a Snapdragon 845 SoC that has sufficient power to support the new feature.

However, unboxing has now gone far beyond the tech world. As videos proliferate on platforms like YouTube, it has become apparent that many people get a specific vicarious thrill from watching other people take toys, technology or other products out of boxes.

The process that is filmed is the process of acquisition, the process of removing all of the extra packaging and trash from a product, and examining it in all of its newness. This is part of what has led to the popularity of unboxing as a social media and multimedia trend.